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Salesforce – Field Update on Button Click Using Javascript

Here in below example, there is a custom field Active__c in Contact object. On a button click want to update Active__c field status to true.

if(confirm("Do you want to active this Contact?") == true) 
    var objC = new sforce.SObject("Contact");        
        objC.Id = '{!Contact.Id}';
        objC.Active__c = true;
        var result = sforce.connection.update([objC]); 

Rendering a Visualforce Page in PDF Format

You can render any page as a PDF by adding the renderAs attribute to the component, and specifying pdf as the rendering service.

For example:

<apex:page renderas="pdf">

Note: Visualforce pages rendered as PDFs will either display in the browser or download as a PDF file, depending on your browser settings.

Confirm Dialog box in Visualforce page

Visualforce Page:

            <apex:pageblocksection title="Confirm dialog box Demo" collapsible="false">
                 <apex:commandbutton value="Click to Confirm" onclick="return confirm('Do you want to submit');"></apex:commandbutton>