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Related list Button Edit/Delete/View is not working in VF Page on Service Cloud Console

If showHeader="false" in VF Page, the related list Button Edit/Delete/View won’t work on Service Cloud Console.
When showHeader is set to false, some important JS files needed for the service cloud console to function properly will not be loaded, and hence you may see some issues. It is recommended to leave showHeader as true while using in the service cloud console.

What is the return type of a SOSL search in Salesforce?

The return type of a SOSL search is List of List of sObjects.

Sample Code:

List<List<SObject>> searchList = [FIND 'map*' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Account (Id, Name), Contact, Opportunity, Lead];
Account [] accounts = ((List<Account>)searchList[0]);
Contact [] contacts = ((List<Contact>)searchList[1]);
Opportunity [] opportunities = ((List<Opportunity>)searchList[2]);
Lead [] leads = ((List<Lead>)searchList[3]);

Difference between Salesforce external objects and custom objects

Feature Custom Objects External Objects
Data is stored in your Salesforce org Yes No
Read Yes Yes
Write Yes Yes (limited)
Tabs, layouts Yes Yes
Visualforce Yes Yes
Field-level security Yes Yes
Sharing Yes No
SOQL Yes Yes (limited)
Search and SOSL Yes Yes (pass-through)
Formula fields Yes Not Yet
Workflow, triggers Yes Not Yet
Reports and analytics Yes Not Yet
Chatter Yes Yes (no field tracking)