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System.QueryException: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop

You might get a QueryException in a SOQL for loop with the message Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop. This exception is sometimes thrown when accessing a large set of child records (200 or more) of a retrieved sObject inside the loop, or when getting the size of such a record set.

For example, the query in the following SOQL for loop retrieves child contacts for a particular account. If this account contains more than 200 child contacts, the statements in the for loop cause an exception.

for (Account acc : [SELECT Id, Name, (SELECT Id, Name FROM Contacts) FROM Account WHERE Id IN ('<ID value>')]) { 

In order to avoid System.QueryException: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop, make sure the sub query is limited as follows.

for (Account acc : [SELECT Id, Name, (SELECT Id, Name FROM Contacts LIMIT 200) FROM Account WHERE Id IN ('<ID value>')]) { 

Retrieve the Record Type which are accessible by user’s Profile in Salesforce

List <SelectOption> recTypeList = new List <SelectOption>();
for (RecordTypeInfo info: Case.SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypeInfos()) {
	if(info.isAvailable()) {
		recTypeList.add(new SelectOption(info.getRecordTypeId(), info.getName()));

How to get picklist values based on record type in Visualforce page?

Here in below example I’ve a custom object “Customer__c”, which has two record types “HR” and “Marketing”.

Apex Class:

public with sharing class recordTypeSample{

    public String selectedRT {get;set;}
    public List<SelectOption> recordTypeList {get;set;}
    public Customer__c customer {get;set;}
    public recordTypeSample(){
        customer = new Customer__c();
        recordTypeList = new List<SelectOption>();
    public void getRecordTypeList(){
        List<RecordType> rtList = [SELECT Id,Name FROM RecordType WHERE SObjectType='Customer__c'];
        recordTypeList.add(new SelectOption('--None--', '--None--'));
        for(RecordType rt : rtList)
            recordTypeList.add(new SelectOption(rt.Id, rt.Name));
     public void getPickListValues(){
        if(selectedRT != null){
            customer = new Customer__c(RecordTypeId = selectedRT);

Visualforce Page:

<apex:page controller="recordTypeSample">
    <apex:form >
        <apex:pageBlock >
            <apex:pageBlockSection >
                <apex:selectList value="{!selectedRT}" size="1" multiselect="false" label="Record Type" title="Record Type" id="recordTypes"> 
                    <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" action="{!getPickListValues}" reRender="categoryPicList" />
                    <apex:selectOptions   value="{!RecordTypeList}" /> 
                <apex:inputField id="categoryPicList" value="{!customer.Category__c}"/>

HR Record Type Picklist :

Marketing Record Type Picklist :

Query Validation Rules associated with an Object using REST API

/services/data/v39.0/tooling/query?q=Select Id,ValidationName,Active,Description,EntityDefinition.DeveloperName,ErrorDisplayField, ErrorMessage From ValidationRule WHERE EntityDefinition.DeveloperName = 'Account'