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Salesforce Web to Lead form with Google reCAPTCHA

Configure the Google reCAPTCHA and get the Site Key & Secret Key:

  • Login to Google reCAPTCHA
  • Register a new site
  • Add Label e.g. Salesforce.com
  • Select reCAPTCHA type “reCAPTCHA v2”
  • Select “I’m not a robot” Checkbox option.
  • Add a domain e.g. yourorgurl.com
  • Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service
  • Submit and get the Site Key & Secret Key

Remote Site Settings:
Create Remote Site settings for google.com site URL

Note: Make sure your org “Show Quick Create” is enabled.
Go to Setup | User Interface | Select the checkbox of “Show Quick Create” | Click on Save button at the bottom.

Setup Web-to-Lead:

1. Go to Setup | Leads | Web-to-lead | Select the checkbox of “Web-to-Lead Enabled” | Select the checkbox of “Require reCAPTCHA Verification” | Select Default Lead Creator | Click on Save button at the bottom.

2. Click on “Create Web-to-Lead Form” button | Select Lead fields you want to add on the form | Give the redirect URL | Click the lookup icon to select “reCAPTCHA API Key Pair”.

3. In the popup window, Click on the New Button | Enter the “API Key Pair Nickname” of your choice | Enter Google reCAPTCHA Site Key | Enter Google reCAPTCHA Secret Key | Click on Save.

4. Click on Generate button, and you will get the HTML code ready to put on your website.

Web-to-Lead Form: