Create Custom Object From Spreadsheet In Salesforce

Lightning Object Creator is a new tool to create custom object from spreadsheets with just a few clicks.

Step 1:
Go to Setup | Object Manager | Select Custom Object from Spreadsheet

Step 2:
Upload spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or comma-separated value (CSV) files.

Sample Spreadsheet:

Step 3:
After uploading the spreadsheet, Salesforce will automatically detect the fields. You can customize the Salesforce field name and field data type and you also can add field to page layout.

Step 4:
Define object properties and click on Finish button.

Created new custom object from Spreadsheet:

  • mahesh

    First of all Thank you for writing on new feature of SFDC for loading multiple objects alognwith fields and records . When we load any object using this option, Option to set auto number field is not available which is problematic .For testing purpose I have loaded Employee Object with 3 records but after loading all fields and data is loaded along with Random number for Employee id which I have never mentioned.