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Salesforce Apex Built-In Exceptions

Exception Description
AsyncException Any problem with an asynchronous operation, such as failing to enqueue an asynchronous call.
BigObjectException Any problem with big object records, such as connection timeouts during attempts to access or insert big object records.
CalloutException Any problem with a Web service operation, such as failing to make a callout to an external system.
DmlException Any problem with a DML statement, such as an insert statement missing a required field on a record.
EmailException Any problem with email, such as failure to deliver.
ExternalObjectException Any problem with external object records, such as connection timeouts during attempts to access the data that’s stored on external systems.
InvalidParameterValueException An invalid parameter was supplied for a method or any problem with a URL used with Visualforce pages.
LimitException A governor limit has been exceeded. This exception can’t be caught.
JSONException Any problem with JSON serialization and deserialization operations.
ListException Any problem with a list, such as attempting to access an index that is out of bounds.
MathException Any problem with a mathematical operation, such as dividing by zero.
NoAccessException Any problem with unauthorized access, such as trying to access an sObject that the current user does not have access to. This exception is used with Visualforce pages.
NoDataFoundException Any problem with data that does not exist, such as trying to access an sObject that has been deleted. This exception is used with Visualforce pages.
NoSuchElementException This exception is thrown if you try to access items that are outside the bounds of a list. This exception is used by the Iterator next method. For example, if iterator.hasNext() == false and you call iterator.next(), this exception is thrown. This exception is also used by the Apex Flex Queue methods and is thrown if you attempt to access a job at an invalid position in the flex queue.
NullPointerException Any problem with dereferencing null.
QueryException Any problem with SOQL queries, such as assigning a query that returns no records or more than one record to a singleton sObject variable.
RequiredFeatureMissing A Chatter feature is required for code that has been deployed to an organization that does not have Chatter enabled.
SearchException Any problem with SOSL queries executed with SOAP API search() call, for example, when the searchString parameter contains fewer than two characters.
SecurityException Any problem with static methods in the Crypto utility class.
SerializationException Any problem with the serialization of data. This exception is used with Visualforce pages.
SObjectException Any problem with sObject records, such as attempting to change a field in an update statement that can only be changed during insert.
StringException Any problem with Strings, such as a String that is exceeding your heap size.
TypeException Any problem with type conversions, such as attempting to convert the String ‘a’ to an Integer using the valueOf method.
VisualforceException Any problem with a Visualforce page.
XmlException Any problem with the XmlStream classes, such as failing to read or write XML.