Documentation in Salesforce Lightning Component Bundle

Component documentation helps others understand and use your components. Here is a sample example of Lightning Component Documentation.

Sample Component:

<aura:component implements="flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes" access="global">
    <strong>Sample Component</strong>

To create documentation of above component, click DOCUMENTATION in the component sidebar of the Developer Console. Hereaura:description is to show the description of the component and aura:example is to show look and feel of the component.

        <p>An <code>c:Sample</code> component represents an element that executes an action defined by a controller.</p>
    <aura:example name="Sample" ref="c:Sample" label="Using the c:Sample Component">
        <p>This example shows a simple setup of <code>Sample</code>.</p>

The documentation you create will be available at, where is the name of your custom Salesforce domain and in the Component Library at where is the name of your custom Salesforce domain.