How to create password field in visualforce page?

To create a password field in visualforce page, you can use inputsecret. InputSecret is an HTML input element of type password.
Let’s take an example:
In below visualforce page there are two input fields Name & Account Number of Account object. Here Account number is in inputsecret. The inputsecret filed of Account Number will act like a password field.

<apex:page doctype="html-5.0" standardcontroller="Account">
        <apex:pageblock mode="edit" title="Test Input Secret">
                <apex:commandbutton action="{!save}" value="Save">
            <apex:pageblocksection columns="1" title="Create Account">
                <apex:inputfield required="true" value="{!}">
               <apex:inputsecret required="true" value="{!account.accountNumber}">