Important Points to Remember in Salesforce

Important Points to Remember in Salesforce:

  • We can track 20 fields for an object. We can’t track Roll-Up Summary and formula fields. We can’t create Roll-Up Summary field on User object.
  • Capacity of picklist values are 300.
  • Lenght of Check syntax: 4000 characters
  • Length of the formula: 1300 characters. Size of the formula: 5000 bytes
  • Only 10 Roll-Up Summary fields we can create per an object. We can create Roll-Up Summary field on parent object to perform operations on child object.
  • Roll-Up Summary field performs 4 types of operations on child object. They are 1.Count 2.Sum 3.Min 4.Max.
  • We can add 20 components for a dashboard.
  • We can display 1000 records on each visualforce page.
  • PageBlockSectionItem will take only 2 visualforce components.
  • Standard fields are Owner, Name, Created By, Last Modified By, Currency, Division.
  • We can’t create Look-Up or Master-Detail Relationship on User Object.