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Remove the Salutation, Middle Name and Suffix Fields

Salutation field is Mandatory and cannot be removed from the Layout.
Middle Name and Suffix can be disabled by following these steps:

  • Click Setup || Customize || User Interface.
  • In the Name Settings section, deselect Enable Middle Names for Person Names and Enable Name Suffixes for Person Names.
  • Click Save.

The Middle Name and Suffix fields are available for the following person objects: Contact, Lead, Person Account, and User.

The values of the Middle Name and Suffix fields appear in most places where a person’s full name is displayed with the following exceptions.

  • Activities, including new events, new tasks, and shared activity lookup search results
    Calendar, including meeting invitations and the Scheduled Meetings section on the Home tab
  • Campaigns, including Campaign Member lists
  • Chatter
  • Cloud Scheduler
  • Data.com records
  • Forecasts, including the Collaborative Forecasting page
  • Opportunities, including opportunity stage history, the Opportunity Sharing Detail page, and the Opportunity Split Edit page
  • Price Books, including price book history
  • Recycle Bin
  • Search results for users